S i n g i n g C y g n e t s M u s i c

Singing, games, signing, puppets and much more

for babies and toddlers.


Classes held in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey

and Weardale, Co. Durham areas.

"Excellent session.  My daughter loves it and smiles all the way through.  

Thank you!"  JT

An example of the lovely compliments we are delighted to receive on a regular basis. Why not keep an eye out for new classes in 2018 and come and see for yourself?

If you would like to be informed of future events, please email us at singingcygnetsmusic@gmail.com

No need to wait for a birthday to celebrate.  Why not book a private visit?

Email for further details. (See above.)

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£3 per child (£2 per sibling).

Limited space so booking recommended.